Spring 2004 

I spent the first six months of 2004 living in Wellington, New Zealand, and studying photography at Massey University as a foreign exchange student.

It was probably one of the most transformative periods of my life.

I shared a flat with four other students - all New Zealanders - and we made fast friends with the five students who lived in the flat across the hall. Those six months were a happy blur of "family dinners" in an overflowing apartment, long wanders down to the harbor and in and out of all the amazing museums Wellington has to offer, and two truly excellent roadtrips: one north to Lake Taupo, and one south to circumnavigate the South Island.

I kept a handful of different journals and sketchbooks during this trip - this collection is an assortment of some of the highlights from those books.


All content © Amanda Determan, Determan Photographic.

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