Project Life


In 2011, a scrapbooking system called "Project Life" was introduced - the idea was to use two 12 x 12 plastic page protectors with little pockets for 4 x 6 photos and 3 x 4 journaling cards to document the minutiae of everyday life.

I am all too happy to jump at any excuse to buy more arts and crafts supplies, so I was all over the new system.

Looking back with a few years worth of distance, I'm really glad I built these albums. I don't think it's a sustainable way to keep a journal (scrapbook, life documentation, whatever) - they take up a TON of room, and if you're building a double-page spread every week sometimes you really have to dig deep to come up with stuff to document. But it's fun to be able to go back and remember the day I got sushi with my sister, or the shopping trip with a friend, or the flowers I bought for myself just-because.

Plus the plastic pockets are fun to stuff full of little treasures.


All content © Amanda Determan, Determan Photographic.

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