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Spring Break 2011

 March 2011 

While I was in undergrad, I never did take a stereotypical American college student "spring break trip" - unless you count two spring semester trips with the UMont Woodsman's Team to their annual Conclave competitions (which I don't, really?).

So during the spring semester of my first year in grad school, I decided it was time for a Spring Break roadtrip. I headed down to Prescott, Arizona, where one of my best friends was living and going to school at Embry Riddle. We spent a week exploring the Grand Canyon and all the awesome hiking trails around Prescott, and staying up late watching movies and reminiscing.

It was an all-around excellent trip, especially seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time!

The full album of photography selects from this trip is available here: 2011 | Arizona.


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